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Center for Sustainable Biomaterials & Bioenergy

About the Center

WVU Center for Sustainable Biomaterials and Bioenergy (WVU-CSBio) main focus is to develop new advanced technologies to promote agricultural and forest resource utilization for regional bioeconomic growth, in addition to cultivating both student and professional educational activities.

The Center’s mandate is to identify economic opportunities in the state of West Virginia and across the Mid-Atlantic region related to bioenergy and bioproducts and to use scientifically proven methodologies and tools to establish, sustain, harvest, and convert wood, agricultural and forest biomass into value-added bioenergy and bioproducts. Our long-term goal is to systematically advance agricultural and forest products industries to establish a regional bioeconomy through a sustainable biomass to value-added bioproducts production system.

The primary objectives of the Center are to provide research leadership to the agricultural and forestry sector and to promote the success of the sustainable biomaterials and bioenergy industry and economic development. The Center will promote sustainable bioproduct and bioenergy research and development, expand our education and outreach efforts, facilitate collaboration with regional university and industry partners, and enhance economic and workforce development by fostering the growth of a new regional industry in the region.