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Renewable Materials & Bioenergy Research Center

About the Center

At the Renewable Materials and Bioenergy Research Center, researchers are exploring diverse ways to convert biomass into biofuels and bioproducts by improving feedstocks logistics and investigating methods to improve the efficiency of pretreatment and conversion. 

The center will promote renewable bioproduct research and development, expand our education and outreach efforts, facilitate collaboration with regional university and industry experts, and enhance economic and workforce development by fostering the growth of a new regional industry in Appalachia. The primary objectives of the Renewable Materials and Bioenergy Research Center are two-fold: 

(1) to provide research leadership to the renewable bioproducts sector, and 

(2) to promote the success of the bioenergy products industry and economic development. 

Specially the center will:

  • Assess the fundamental principles of Appalachian hardwoods to improve utilization and manufacturing efficiency,
  • Strengthen a wood energy team to facilitate bio-business development in West Virginia, and   
  • Improve knowledge of the international market for U.S. central Appalachian hardwoods producers, and
  • Provide tools and information for maximizing profits through improved lumber utilization and grading efficiency in the primary processing of Appalachian Hardwoods.